The Odd Couple of Investing

The Odd Couple of Investing

The Odd Couple of Investing (formerly Taking It to the $treet) is hosted by well-known investors Jim Lebenthal of Cerity Partners and Stephen Weiss of Short Hills Capital Partners. Viewers of CNBC’s most popular show, The Halftime Report, understand how odd a pairing this truly is. With vastly different personalities, professional experiences and investment strategies, Jim and Steve are truly an odd couple, always entertaining while providing listeners with insightful, candid commentary on stocks, markets and virtually every asset class. With no large organizations to please and no filter on their thoughts, their fundamental approach to investing cuts through the emotion, the hype and the conflicts of Wall Street research, highlighting undervalued stocks where you can invest to generate returns regardless of market direction.

Stephen Weiss has managed capital for legendary investors David Tepper, Steve Cohen and Lee Cooperman, and Cerity Partners CIO Jim Lebenthal has been the investment manager of choice for many wealthy families for over 30 years. CNBC Halftime Report regulars, Weiss and Lebenthal are entertaining, sometimes confrontational with differing investment styles but always informative, providing listeners with the knowledge required to become successful investors in any market environment.

Recent Episodes

Detente, Comrade Part Deux

March 10, 2022

Steve and Jim get right into it, breaking down the opportunities in the market. Some of their moves may surprise you. Even Steve now sees opportunity but is he still bearish?

Détente, Comrade?

March 2, 2022

Crisis in the world forces Steve to call in from vacation. That doesn’t mean Jim is going to take it easy on him. What does the current conflict portend for the markets, for the economy, and for their favorite stocks? Tun…

A Hot War for The Odd Couple of Investing?

Feb. 22, 2022

In this episode, Steve and Jim bolster their creds as The Odd Couple of Investing. Perhaps fittingly, with Jim recording from the West Coast and Steve from the East Coast, they could not be further apart regarding their view…

Man of Steel

Feb. 16, 2022

Steve and Jimmy are visited by Lourenco Goncalves, the CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, in this episode of The Odd Couple of Investing. Cleveland-Cliffs is one of the largest integrated steel companies in the world. Lourenco gives…

A Market of Stocks

Feb. 3, 2022

In the heart of earnings season, Steve and Jim, the investment world’s Odd Couple, give you their thoughts on where opportunities lie. No surprise, there are some disagreements. However, listeners will get some excellent i…

The Market Opportunity: To Win or Lose?

Jan. 25, 2022

The Odd Couple of Investing digest the market turmoil. Jim may see opportunity to invest. Steve may see opportunity to get a beat down. They discuss all the issues that could impact your portfolio and decision s as well as p…